Justification of Tech

My primary Goal is to reduce costs for the client. I am honest and do not beat around the bush, far too honest unfortunately.

I am anti-conformist and thus I question everything, and tend to act differently; I do not adhere to any industry standard just because it is an industry standard.

My philosophy is the following: If something has been standardized my rule of thumb is that it is potentially already obsolete!

This is both in regards to standards followed by:

a) Universities (in my view most universities average around 5 years behind the industry leading edge)
b) Corporates, of which probably 90% still have systems running on Windows XP & even C code that has not been updated since the 80’s… !

This is not to say that they do not use modern technology, this is to say that their concerns are to make money to cover their large overheads; thus when you go to a corporate web development or IT studio, they have to cover for
their 100’s of staff salaries.

I have purposely targeted the technology that I use to cater for small to medium size business.

But I have the corporate know how to design solutions at enterprise level due to my many years of experience in the public sector as a tech consultant for a Sustainability consultancy.

For this reason, I have been naturally tasked to create low cost solutions with tiny budgets and tiny teams.

That is why I call out leadership that is misguided and unproductive.

I believe that it is necessary even if it can attract the ire of those who feel threatened resulting in a substantial amount of negativity fired off at me.

For example, I don’t offer SEO to my clients… Google & Facebook Adverts are 20 times cheaper then SEO and organically will raise your Google Search Rankings!

They are also far more effective.

Has anybody ever told you that?

Development Studio’s don’t want you to know this!

But I have to call it out, as I hate the exploitation in our global economy, the powerful trading on the challenged technology awareness of most customers.

As a Libertarian, and thus as a supporter of free markets and not the highly regulated contraptions that pass as such (which are in place to suppress the disruptive entrepreneurship that ‘moves the cheese of the powerful) you will find in me the breath of fresh air that will always look after your interests first and foremost.

How I justify The Technology that I use: The following content is based on the following philosophy and best practices found within these video’s

Erlang Programming Language Creator: Joe Armstrong

1.Title: (The Mess We’re in)


PHP Programming Creator: Rasmus Lerdorf

1. Title: All PHP Frameworks Suck


2. Title: How to properly use MVC


3. Title: Facebook Does not use MVC – THEY use Flux


4. Facebook Does not use a GP framework


5. Some basic Logic on MVC pitfalls


6. Facebook uses Hybrid Apps, not Native

Ref1: http://blog.techmagic.co/native-vs-hybrid-apps/

7 Reasons Why Facebook’s React Native Is the Future of Hybrid App Development

Ref2: https://www.upwork.com/hiring/mobile/react-native-hybrid-app-development/

However, why even bother, when you can buy low cost premium Website 2 Android or IOS Compilers? The one that I use is state of the art, supports native push notifications, local Javascript DOM conversion, client side storage and overrides the default Web Geolocation option – allowing you to get native level Geo-location precision … Best of all it takes less then two minutes to compile and uses the ionic framework… Opensource is nice, but premium is always better and thus I have dozens of premium tools that I have purchased to get the job done faster, such as oracles Navicat Visual Query Builder


Title: node.js does not work but Javascript does.

Ref: PHP vs Node.js Market share


Ref2: PHP installed on 82.7% of all known web-servers


Ref3: Node.js Market share just 3%


1. Simply put, node.js failed to attract a true audience due to it’s over complexity and massive environment installations or dependencies which made it hard to migrate and hard to develop in. After the release of node.js PHP 5.7 managed to fix all that was wrong with PHP & triple the benchmarking test in terms of performance.

2. node.js is dependent on frameworks for productivity. You cannot use node.js on it’s own in the corporate or private world. PHP can be used without a GP framework and should be used in that manner according to Rasmus Lerdorf. (Creator of PHP) For example, in order for Google to crawl it, it even requires you to install a complex DOM extension that does not come standard with node.js.This is why Hello World Benchmark tests are deceiving. Durint the application life cycle, you will find that your framework will grow up to 10 times in size during development via the addition of extensions, whereby PHP works straight out of the box with PEAR Extensions or Composer Package Manager on an as needed only basis. 95% of the work that you do with PHP can be & should be completed with Core PHP and no extensions. Node.js has poor Mysql support and is comparable to PHP 7.2 Benchmarking Tests. Node.js is nolonger faster then PHP. Node.js is dependent on LESS.js & SASS.js which does not come default with node.js installation.

3. PHP is a far more mature language with a much larger community, resources are easier to find and there is a much larger support base

4. node.js is not the V8 engine, it is a framework layer built on top of the V8 engine. The V8 Engine is the Javascript engine built by Google. Javascript is an amazing language and has been implemented by Microsoft and AAA 3D Game Engine Giants such as Unity.

5. node.js suffers from many of the same issues that PHP suffers from when it comes to GP frameworks, except for the fact that you cannot write node.js productively without the installation of several layers of framework. You are forced to use it, quite the opposite of PHP, however, it is well known that it still takes longer to produce anything of value

6. WordPress, need I say more.

7. PHP is usually referred to as the easiest programming language in the world and thus it is excellent for those entering the industry.


Title: Less.js & Sass.js are useless in PHP

1. PHP can easily generate CSS code and output a .css file if needs be without adding a second layer to your engine that is not inclusive with the system. PHP creates a integrated offering when generating CSS code that can behave dynamically and intelligently via interpretation without the intervention of compilation that SASS.js & LESS.js require.

2. Ever heard of notepad++ “Replace ALL in File” or “Replace All in Directory”  function or Control C + V? Try it some time…it is also available within other IDE’s and most CSS frameworks provide structured CSS that can be called externally or is editable on the fly.

3. PHP developers don’t like Less.js & Sass.js because it is not automated and adds a second layer that something can go wrong. The only reason why it exists is because of node.js limitations.

4. Many functions in Less.js or Sass.js are redundant and actually force you to write more code then that which you would write in classical CSS3.

5. You cannot write inline CSS, which usually is not advised, however is necessary in dynamicaly generated code

6. node.js is not easy…it has complex environments and dependencies which caters primary to the experienced programmer. Quality Third party hosting is hard to find making development in node.js expensive as private hosting is almost always necessary .

7. Facebook is built in PHP via Hack compilation which gives it a few ms extra execution time and it is the website with the most traffic in the world. Whether node.js is faster or not is irrelevant, PHP is fast enough.


Simply put, fundamentally this is a discussion based on the conformity of individuals who will blindly follow hyped up technology because it is being promoted by someone who is of stature.

Both of these technologies where being called the means to an end to PHP. Companies invested millions in these two technologies only for the adoption to become solely niche based with a cult following. I urged as many of those that I could, not to invest in this technology and may companies have now found themselves up a creek without a paddle, now hiring staff for roles in more classical positions.

Be afraid of being mislead or following the money without doing your homework.

This is not to say that node.js is dead by any means, there is still an interest within the community, unfortunately it is not strong enough to keep up with the overwhelmingly fast advancements of PHP that have taken place since node.js conception in 2011. However, I do not believe that this will stop node.js , simply put, I feel that the technology is premature.

This has not to say that node.js has not served a purpose , it does now form the baseline within the .net Javascript compiler and other roles, but it’s implementation has been distorted by the .net framework introducing various other methods, objects and micro frameworks specifically catering to the Microsoft infrastructure. In fact, many .NET PROGRAMMERS do not even know that they are using a node.js server under the hood and refer to the code as Javascript. Unity Game Engine & Coppercube Game Engine both use an underlying Javascript interpretor based off of node.js…

but let us not pretend that it is more then what it is with it’s non blocking io method being questioned in 2013 shortly after release. It is still unclear whether the claim is actually true and according to some, it is not.

Node.js has a primary following in high traffic websites and has a place within certain run time environments that allow previously web only developers to write applications for mobile and desktop, but again, in most cases vanilla node.js is used as the undercurrent and the code that is written does not resemble node.js as it was intended to be written. For example, the Javascript Coppercube 3D engine API http://www.ambiera.com/coppercube/doc/cnt_javascriptref.html

Relational VS non relational DB’s

This sums it up… Business intelligence orientated approaches are more effective as relational databases and provides a full solution, non relational databases are for people that have less space & don’t require data analytics unrelated to big data, but for that you would use hadoop, not mongo DB other other. I work in 5 different relational databases as a DBA… Oracle & RDBMS Dominates the Industry, I work in Oracle as  DBA https://db-engines.com/en/ranking

NoSQL v. SQL is the worst holy war ever.

Why I use WordPress as my primary Framework and do not bother with the rest

WordPress Market Share:

WordPress Dominates the Market with an overwhelming market share, there are 10 times as many extensions to wordpress in comparison with the next leading CMS. WordPress is a specific task framework but breaks the rules as most of the time, you don’t need to write any code. It does not use MVC and is recommended by the creator of PHP itself, Rasmus, Lerdorf https://w3techs.com/technologies/overview/content_management/all

From eCommerce, to learning Management systems , it just does it better , cheaper and with larger variety.. It also reduces your development time by hundreds of hours. WordPress also handles heavy traffic websites and is the most secure Framework by far, with hundreds of premum firewalls and security plugins.

Don’t beleive me? Visit https://www.freelancer.com/

Then just browse the GP framework developers, look at their production time in comparison to WordPress programmers. The average GP developer takes 30 days to do what the average wordpress developer does in 1 day…This is the rule of thumb…I CHALLENGE YOU TO log into freelancer.com and see for yourself.

About Me

About Me

I started out at a young age, working for a family IT consultancy, an Information Management Consultant, specializing in municipal service delivery, business intelligence & desktop application development.

My role, as instructed, was to acquire knowledge in the field of web development in order to provide value add to his products.

At the time, the internet was still in it’s infancy with dial up modems being the predominant & most efficient way to browse the web…There where no social media networks, Google had not yet explored Ajax, the Java J2SE Applet had presidency over Javascript(Then known as Ecma Script) & the no longer supported PHP 4 was only beginning to emerge as a contender in dynamic web page delivery….

I could go on and on…but to cut a long story short, most websites where static & content based with meta tags ruling the indexing standards.

I admit, I had very little knowledge of web development at the time, armed with just a Matric and a basic understanding of now antiquated desktop development practice…

I had never been the type to give up on any goal and considered myself somewhat of an intellectual….

Therefore I decided to join the pioneers of the world wide web as they approached the not yet conceived web 2.


I do not follow convention and therefore decided to do a few certifications at CTI only to familiarize myself with the basic web standards, before deciding which field I was to specialize in.

After my own analysis of the industry, I realized that not only did the world wide web offer a potentially lucrative future, but it would provide me with my ultimate dream: Location Independence.

I had not yet, traveled & dialing into a server from a remote location seemed to provide the most romantic personal success potential that I could possibly conceive for a young man entering adulthood.

Thus my mind was made up and I began to pursue my new dream.

I struggled initially…Few people knew that PHP existed and the courses were almost completely unavailable in South Africa.


I realized that my only option was to use the limited material that I could find and begin to self study.

My education was achieved through countless hours of studies accompanied only by a bottomless cup of coffee at spur and the cold pessimism of others.

The world was not like it is today, I had only just acquired my first cellphone at the age of 18 & people where quick to draw opinion; looking at me as a bit of an eccentric.

However, after 2 years and 30 textbooks of Programming Theory later. I was able to achieve a basic education in web development.

My father, a qualified engineer with 20 years experience in the industry, had thus decided that his investment had paid off & showed me the ropes within his company.

After my initiation was complete, he then allowed me to begin the development of his first of it’s kind, web based, Geographical Information System under his company name Georeality.

This software used 2D polygon based coordinates & an old vector data capturing tool.

This became known as the infamous Shopper Map Version 2.0…An almost complete waist of my time.

If it was not for the learning curve & experience that I acquired developing it, I would have gladly surgically removed the development process from my memory.

After a year of development, to my dismay, we realized that the market was still too young and that we would have to wait a few years before the software would be able to take off.

This prognosis was obtained after our client Broll, decided to continue using the previous desktop version (ShopperMap1.0) as mine had performed too slowly on their 56k lines, still installed in all Malls under their portfolio.

ADSL had just come out, yet few understood it’s value.

So for the next year I aided Georeality in it’s parsing of data & technical R&D…

My focus had changed, I was now in charge of making market predictions based on my technical

research of the rapidly evolving web climate…

In other words my instruction translated into: “Make sure we don’t become obsolete”.

Well, as luck would have it, the following year, Google Launched their browser based “Earth View” along with a rich API represented inside & along with the Google “Code Playground”.

I presented this information to Georeality & we began development in Shopper Map Version 3.

Shopper Map version 3 was an improvement over version 2, as it used a 3 Dimensional Polygon structure that we could overlay spatially onto the Google “Earth View”.

We marketed this extensively with Old Mutual & this finally drew to close the following year with it’s various implementations and was often presented by Old Mutual at various property conferences.

During this time, I had developed & written many scripts in the private sector both aiding Georeality & several municipalities under his portfolio…

I began to try my hand at commercial freelancing and started development of a few products of my own…To cut a long story short…I had little success…

Eventually I left Georeality & started working for a consultancy that provided a development service to various corporates, including mygate.co.za

After several months of poor payment, I ended the agreement, unfortunately on bad terms and decided to look for employment elsewhere…

After several other employment & contractual roles, such as an unfortunate management role at Kineo South Africa, I eventually decided to begin work for a local broadcasting agency. Things have gone quite well so far and I have completed several commercial projects with this company to date, however throughout my career I have maintained good relations with Georeality & Consulted Frequently to Inelligent Maps who sepcialise in public sector sustainability

In summary, I use unconventional but effective development practices that I envisioned myself.


General Information CV

– Technical Predictions For Company Market Placement

– Solution Development

– Technology & Production Consultant

– Online Visibility Consultant


Birth: 1984

Development Experience: 10 years

Primary Work Experience: Research & Development

Primary Tertiary Education: 25 IT Certificates

Transport: Yes

South African Citizen: Yes

Passports: RSA/Citta di nascita Italiana

Primary Language: English

Second Language: Italian

Driver’s License: Yes

Character: Introvert

Criminal Record: No Record


Ideally, I like to take an hourly 5 min smoke break + Hour lunch (Tea, not necessary)

Drinker: No – SOCIAL ONLY

Gamer: Yes / But I prefer programming 3D multiplayer Games, rather then playing them…My brother is also South Africa’s leading Professional Shout Caster on the Pro Gaming Circuit “Hellbird” of nAvTV BROUDCASTING AGENCY

Preferred Reading: Non Fiction

Marital Status: Divorced

Children: No

Primary Programming Languages


PHP 5.0 – 5.7 – Curl / OOP / Crawlers / Imap / WebSockets / Cronjobs / OAUTH2/Data Parsing /Pear /.ini (Json / CSV .etc)

Client Side JavaScript (Ecma Script) – JQuery / Bootstrap / Angular / Google / Facebook / Twitter / Ajax .etc

Relational Normalized Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS – SQL, MS Access, MariaDB 2013 (Normalization / Backups / Tasks ) Preferred tool – Oracle Navicat

Scalable HTML 4 – 5: Ajax (http Long Poling), Canvas, Geolocation, Sessions, Offline Websites

XML – SOAP (Nusoap) – Templating / Rest /Cors .etc

CSS 2 – 3: (Less / Sass PHP Compiler) / Ecma Script Client Compiler (Not recommended)

GitHub – Git – Subversion (Version Control) /SourceForge / itch.io command line interface

Platform: Windows Server (Local) Linux (Remote or Local) – .htaccess manipulation + SSL Scripting + File permissions + (SSH Client Only)

Node.js / npm / As per Reference: https://www.w3schools.com/nodejs/

Game Programming

Various 3D / 2D Engines & platforms (Android / WebGL / Oculus Rift / Desktop) Sculptris / Mosketch / Fuse …other

Above my latest-work 2017


Website Visibility & Marketing

I do not beleive in SEO as it is extremely time consuming and costly – I beleive in Social Media and a new concept known simply as “Traffic Generation” that I was introduced to personaly by CEO of gametester.co (Leading International Marketting Agency For Game Developers) – Traffic generation is not SEO – It is a completely new concept


CMS Break Down






Development Platform Competency


I am all for performance, caching, hhvm etc…however I prefer to write core PHP rather then using general purpose frameworks such as Symfony or Cake…Although I have been known to use specific task frameworks like wordpress or microframeworks like phpgrid.


Ubuntu – Linux 4.04


  • Installation on duel boot Win7 or Virtual Box
  • Installation of LAMP running of composer / git other
  • Vagrant Atlas Boxes running on Virtual Box
  • Basic Terminal Commands: cd / ls / sudo apt-get install whatever / chmod …etc
  • SSH Clients via Windows 7 + putty
  • hhvm etc, Cronjobs, bash scripts etc

Windows 7 / 8 / 10

  • xampp or xampp of virtual box
  • Basic Terminal Commands: run / cmd /dir /cd ..etc.
  • everyday windows stuff, like disk management, formatting antivirus, task & disk management, configuring router etc… Tasks