3D Game DEV p/h


MultiScreen3D Game Programming R1000 per hour


Hello everyone, I am developing a 3D multiplayer template.

Unfortunately, it will take a lot of time and thus donations will be very helpful…

So far my template has the following features:

  1. Temperature Р Loose body temperature and warm up under a fire
  2. Health regeneration
  3. First person shooter mechanics with bullets & blanks.
  4. AI runs to player and attacks upon proximity (Javascript custom code)
  5. Toxic water
  6. Pick up clips
  7. Pick up health pots
  8. Hunger, find food
  9. UI for bullets , hunger etc..
  10. Key for door

But the end Goal is multiplayer…

So far, I already have implemented a simple multiplayer.

In order to get it to the level that I want, I will need a few months…



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